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Charles Joseph “CJ” McLaughlin

 was born in Framingham but was truly raised on the race tracks of New England. His father a truck driver, instilled in him the thrill of racing at the age of four when we first learned how to ride dirt bikes. Since then, CJ has lived life full-throttle, embracing the true meaning of hard work. He first raced competitively at the age of 10, finishing first in his very first race.


Since then CJ has dedicated literal blood sweat and tears to his goal of becoming a NASCAR Champion. CJ worked two jobs to put himself through Wentworth Institute of Technology, where he received a degree in mechanical engineering. Through his academics, he has gained a better comprehension of the racing world, which has only helped his passion grow stronger for racing. CJ still works full-time while competing in the NASCAR Xfinity series to help fund and & chase his dreams of racing at the NASCAR Cup level one day.​ 

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